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About us

The Calicut-based Malabar Agri Expo (MAE) is a research cum business project manned by the Chairman-cum-proprietor, who has 45 years of R&D experiences in production, processing, value addition & marketing of Coconut & coconut products, Spices & spice products

India is the world's largest producer of coconut (around 15.9 billion nuts), accounting for a little over a quarter of global output. The copra is the main product of coconut. India produces about 6.5 lakh tonnes of copra and 4.3 lakh tonnes of coconut oil from copra. India's four southern States viz. Kerala, Karnataka Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh account for nearly 90 per cent of the country's coconut production and provide employment to nearly ten million growers and workers in the processing & value addition. The Kozhikode region of Kerala accounts for 40 Percent of the coconut produced in the Malabar region of Kerala. Coconut form Kuttiyadi region is well known for its quality in the State.

India is also the world's largest producer & consumer & exporter of spices. However, the erratic price of coconut, spices and their value added products put millions of farmers in the country on the cross roads. The prices have become highly volatile and unpredictable and the farmers are put to hardship.

Augmenting production & Post-harvest processing and value addition and marketing in India and abroad would be a viable alternative to overcome the present crisis. Raising incomes and demographic pressure are sure to expand demand for coconut, spices and their products.
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